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Our Homeschool Room

This year our school room got a much needed makeover!!  The boys were starting to “outgrow” (sad face) the Dr. Seuss theme we’ve had for the last couple years and they both wanted to put their desks in their rooms.  So I took this opportunity to redecorate and reorganize the entire room.  It was a lot of work, but I couldn’t be happier with the results!!  This room also serves as a playroom and a game/movie room.  So it was a win-win for us all!!  Now for the good part…..details about our room!!

This book shelf was a freebie I found on Craigslist over 5 years ago.  I came out of a library that was getting remodeled.  It was super ugly and famous 80’s color….mauve.  Yuck!!  I never painted it as it seriously was a MASSIVE piece.  But with the remodel this year, I had my hubby whack the top two shelves off the top and decided to paint it black.  I really opened up the room.  I love that I can now access the kitchen window and can keep an eye on the kiddos while cooking.  This shelf houses most of our supplies, every kind of paper you can think of, encyclopedias, early readers and tons of chapter books.  In case you couldn’t tell…I’m super obsessed with books.  I was never a reader as a child.  I despised it, but while dating my husband he showed me how amazing books really are and my love for them grew to an obsession.  🙂

This room has one of our front doors and the back door in it so gets lots of traffic.  I’m still looking for the perfect rug to put down to cut back on carpet wear-n-tear and staining.  So please ignore all that! haha  Anyways, next to the back door is our TV station.  Here the kids can watch Netflix, YouTube or movies.  I get the top of each shelf and there house the boys’ curriculum or notebooks of past work.  The reading books housed on these shelves are either super big and can’t fit anywhere else or our non-fiction books.  On the wall you will see my preschooler’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ABC tree (more on that later).  And last, my whiteboard.  This year my amazing husband built a frame for it and I couldn’t be more happy with it!!

Oh hello Cat!!  This was something I couldn’t give up from our Dr. Seuss theme, and was so much fun to paint.  So here he stays!  This area is super simple.  Our pellet stove is in this room so it stays nice and toasty during those cold winter months.  The basket on the table is where we keep books we are currently using.  I hang all of the boys’ artwork on this wall too so right now it’s a little bare as we just started our school year.

This side of our room has the front door…well one of them.  Long story short, our house is from the 50’s and once has a breezeway that was eventually bricked in forming an additional room…now our classroom!!  Here we house our youngest son’s desk, but it usually being drug around the entire house depending on the particular day.  The red bookshelf holds all my teacher supplies and my bible journaling supplies on top.  The rest of the shelves hold tons more books.  And then the organizer next to the shelf is holds a miscellaneous of different things: toys, maniplatives, puppets, and who knows what crazy things you will find in there!!
 Below I have included a quick video walk-through!!  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!!



2016-2017 Homeschool Planner

I absolutely love planners!! There is just something about writing things down on paper that makes my heart happy!! I tend to stay much more organized when I have physically written something down. 

Anyways, the planner I love most and have used for the past three years is made by Confessions of a Homeschooler. You can find her planner HERE. Erica has really put it together so wonderfully and I love that I can pick and chose what to use in my planner and put it together to my liking.  This year I decided to add dividers and tabs to each month. I used some heavy duty black cardstock bought from Hobby Lobby for each divider, and some fun scrapbook papers for the tabs.  Pink for 2016, blue for 2017….and don’t forget the washi tape!!!

My two older boys’ lesson plans are used for the main portion of the planner.  I did need some extra room to write down all the plans for their science and history, so made a simple printable and stapled it over Saturday and Sundays slots. Super easy and I am still able to access those days if needed.  My preschooler gets the entire “Notes” section where I have divided it up until Monday thru Friday slots. 

Lastly, I took my planner to Staples to have it spiral bound. I couldn’t be happier!!
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